The special effects of our VFX studio can enhance any type of subject, adding that fundamental touch of fantasy to help each project stand out, communicating your message in a unique and powerful way!

We aim to make live filming more realistic, or transform it completely, taking advantage of technological innovations, the latest generation of tools and our continuous research. We stay constantly up to date to offer the most competitive and fun ways to promote and realize every idea, every dream, every message!

Our VFX studio is run by passionate experts in this field, who will deal with:

We use a techniques that is based on large numbers of sprites, 3D models or and other kind of digital objects tofor the creation create effects with no distinct outlines such as of phenomena without a clear and defined outline, such as flames, clouds, fog, dust, stars and galaxies. W or e can also create highly chaotic systems such as chemical reactions and explosions.

We apply advanced lighting effects tools to improve colors and add realistic or cinematic effects: this allows us to create more balanced images or emphasize certainsome elements rather over than others.

We can create realistic and detailed simulations, capable of reproducing not only reality, but also imaginary or predefined models.: Tthis technique can be used in many different fields, including video games, testing and training.

We trace, frame by frame, objects and subjects performers in order to create a silhouette (matte) that allows us to extract parts of the original image for many different uses such as background replacement, motion tracking, visual effects and so on.

We superimpose different layers with against the use of shotsfootage taken in front of a green panelscreen, later removed in post productionpost-production. This technique, also called Color Keying or Chroma Key, allows you us to seamlessly modify a scene or an image by iinserting external new elements or isolatee the subject to for use be used in dedicated future compositions. This system can be applied both to individual images or whole scenes.

We can insert computer generated characters graphics inside live-action movies by tracing motion tracking the physical real movements motion of the performerseach subject. This way, each digital effect applied respects the perspective and movements of the original performance, producing a perfect illusion.

Our VFX Studio is constantly focused toward the future looking every day for the most innovative, spectacular and original solutions to reshape the reality and build the world of your dreams!

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