Product rendering is a technique that allows us to create wonderful images: Pandora produces illustrations for printing through CGI models or by integrating live photography and virtual mapping of digital images.

The result is a perfect image for every purpose, capable of enhancing the strengths and aesthetics of your product.
Starting from a single subject, we add textures, lights, shadows, reflections and depth, bringing vibrancy and realism to illustrations.

Our product rendering is based on:

We define the most important elements of a product, creating an initial prototype that demonstrates its characteristics. We use creativity and imagination to best represent each subject.

We create the structure of the final image through composition of all the elements: the position of the object, the structure of the background, the style of graphics and so on. We lay down these foundations to form a complex and functional illustration.

We dedicate ourselves to the backgrounds, reconstructing perfect settings and landscapes.

We modify photos and images to create illusions, adding a touch of fantasy or conveying a precise message strengthened through creativity and emotion.

We take various photographs of the same subject, superimposing the final images to obtain an excellent result in terms of lights and shadows, underexposed and overexposed details: light and dark balanced at its best!

We develop models in three dimensions starting from the mathematics provided by our clients, or from graphic or photographic references. See your product even before it is made: we help you to visualize and communicate it to the fullest.

We add and modify lights and shadows, to enhance the textures and make the final illustration even more realistic.

The above steps allow us to create photorealistic and functional images, where creativity is released beyond the limits of reality.

We take care of the product rendering up to the final stages, making the final changes and preparing the illustration to be used on all chosen media.

At Pandora we take care of making custom-made renderings, perfect for every need and capable of supporting every type of goal: our mission is to help customers to better communicate their values, adding the experience and creativity we have developed throughout the years!

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