Petronas – Let’s comply and intervene!


For Petronas Lubricants International project, we created a 3D animated video talking about the dangers we can face when we do not comply with the measures needed to make a workplace safe.

In the video we gave life to Zeto, the protagonist and Petronas mascot.



Agency: Ecosafe

Produced and Post-produced by: Studio Pandora


Directed by: Francesco Catarinolo

CG Super Visor: Carlo Misichi

Animator: Fabio Cavaliere

3D Artist: Giulia Filippini

3D Artist: Roberto Caravana

3D Modeller: Sonia Nigro

3D Aimation

Petronas Lubricants International


Petronas – Let’s comply and intervene! #1

Petronas – Let’s comply and intervene! #1


To achieve the cartoony look of our animation, we start with modelling the characters, choose materials and insert the textures, then continue with the set-up of the object lights and then render these images.

Alongside this, we animate the characters. Animating a sheet of paper that turns into origami was complex. Once the rendering is completed, the levels are composed and everything is exported for editing.


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