Oreo Crispy&Thin: “Oreogami”


For Oreo Crispy & Thin: Origami, Studio Pandora worked with Bitmama, MKTG (an events company) and Carat to launch a new Oreo product in Italy. The challenge was to interpret the concept of the distinctive feature of the product, “Thin like paper,” crunchy and subtle.
We brought audiences physically into a playful and inspiring world, made of colourful origami. We created unique physical events in iconic and familiar locations alongside the usual online & offline advertising. From social media (Facebook and Instagram) to taking over Garibaldi station in Milan, as well as various public squares, trams and the metro stations across various Italian cities, the Oreogami campaign was designed as an integrated communication platform. A true mixed media project.



Agency: Bitmama

Produced and Post by: Studio Pandora

Directed by: Francesco Catarinolo

CG Supervisor: Carlo Misischi

3D Animator: Giulia Filippini

3D Modeler: Sonia Nigro

Rigger: Roberto Caravana

Music Production: Studio Pandora

Web Spot – Brand Entertainment

Oreo Crispy&Thin


Oreogami – Pink Rabbit

Oreogami – Polar Penguin

Oreogami – Rabbit


To achieve the cartoony look of our animation, we start with modelling the characters, choose materials and insert the textures, then continue with the set-up of the object lights and then render these images.

Alongside this, we animate the characters. Animating a sheet of paper that turns into origami was complex. Once the rendering is completed, the levels are composed and everything is exported for editing.


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