Catch the Fonzies


Catch the Fonzies was a series of four videos created by the agency Bitmama and produced by Studio Pandora starring two popular professional gamers Dexter (Il Vostro Caro Dexter) and Stormy (S7ormy). This project merged video games and reality. We took the familiar platformer style video game world loved by teenagers (of all ages) and dropped it onto the streets. Using a mixture of beautifully shot video and high definition CGI, the videos were inspired by the world of platformer video games.
We created a narrative universe influenced by everything that is happening “now,” from the famous Fortnite Dances and the urban fashion, to the viral challenges posted across social media to create something unique that would appeal to the emerging Generation Z audience.



Agency: Bitmama

Produced and Post-produced by: Studio Pandora


Directed by: Francesco Catarinolo

DP: Alessandro Mattiolo

Line Producer: Demis Sacco

VFX Supervisor: Carlo Misischi

3D Artist: Giulia Filippini

3D Artist: Roberto Caravana

Composer: Alessio Mariani

Music Production: Lorenzo Scaglionari

Virals video

Fonzies gli originali


Catch the Fonzies – #1 Accetti la sfida?

Catch the Fonzies – #2 La sfida di Dexter

Catch the Fonzies – #3 La Sfida di S7ormy

Catch the Fonzies – #4 Sfida Finale


To achieve the cartoony look of our animation, we start with modelling the characters, choose materials and insert the textures, then continue with the set-up of the object lights and then render these images.
Alongside this, we animate the characters. Animating a sheet of paper that turns into origami was complex. Once the rendering is completed, the levels are composed and everything is exported for editing.



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