Pandora Studio is the CGI studio you need to deliver your projects, adding the third dimension to your 2D dreams!

Our team combines the experience and skills of creatives from many different worlds – from Advertising to Cinema and Television. Together they create high quality 3D animations: giving life to characters, turning static vehicles into dynamic machines and capturing the design of your products in every single detail. In order to make it ultra-realistic and far more appealing to your audience!

Our CGI studio provides 360° support, including:

Let’s start by optimizing your industrial or technical three dimensional drawings to prepare them for further processing. We can also add missing or modified elements if necessary. Our eye for detail in this initial phase allows us to lay the foundations for an accurate and solid 3D model, which can support every type of project, process and product.

We project high-quality images that can emulate any material or even create new ones, onto the surfaces of our animations. This allows us to effectively reconstruct any object and define the desired visual impact.

Adding lights and colors greatly increases the necessary realism for a truthful and efficient animation! It is one of the most important steps to achieve the perfect look for the scene.

We can digitally recreate any type of object adding the third dimension to your 2D concept designs. It’s a bit like modeling clay, but using lines, curves and triangles to generate solids that form more complex shapes.

We carry out each animation in several steps: we develop a framework (or rig) for our digital models in order to create a credible and realistic animation. This skeleton allows us to manage movements intuitively, give them a natural feel and control any deformation: no details are forgotten.

Animating 3D models is the true heart of our CGI studio: we use the best technologies to allow our creations to move freely, delivering a believable and beautiful final animation!

The combination of shading, texturing, and lighting allows us to perfect the graphic representation of any objects, transforming the animations into fluid and functional digital images: our services apply equally effectively to individual objects, characters or entire – and complex – architectures!

We merge different techniques to create unique scenes: real shots combined with digital, 2D, 3D, static or animated elements. We check pixel by pixel, working on the smallest details, to reach the perfect combination and achieve the desired effect!

Do you need help to bring your ideas to life and expand your vision?
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