This is the digital era. As with all previous eras, those who change with the times, get all the opportunities.

Studio Pandora is a digital media agency. When it comes to designing content for new communication channels and digital media, we are the experts and turning your ideas into reality is our passion.

From development to post-production, we envision and create multimedia solutions to shape your best concepts and ideas, across each production stage.

We are valued by our loyal clients due to our mission of innovation. Solutions that will break the mold. Create stories that excite and inspire our client’s audiences. Here are some of the amazing clients who have trusted us with their brand; New Holland, Jeep, FCA Group, Ferrero, Lavazza, Oreo, Maserati and many more.

 Founded in 2012 by Carlo Misischi and Francesco Catarinolo, Studio Pandora brings together professional creatives who collaborate across advertising, television and film.

We focus on the idea and let design lead the technique. We are a group of diverse artists, all lead by a single passion: to craft spectacular visual experiences for your audience.


We are digitally savvy

We work as a team

We care about our clients

We are PANDORA: Think outside the box!




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